From the CTPS Maize and Sorghum section

27 Oct 23 Image

From the CTPS Maize and Sorghum section

At the CTPS Maize and Sorghum section meeting on 5 October, the section was informed of the intention to submit a tropical maize variety (population), grown on the Reunion Island, for registration on list A of the Catalogue.

Work is in progress with the applicant to assist him in compiling the file that will be submitted to the DUS and VCUS expert groups in order to define the examination conditions for a variety grown in soil and climate conditions that differ from those in mainland France.

Supporting a wider range of ideotypes was an important part of the SPAD plan. After opening up the official French Catalogue to varieties rich in polyphenols and to varieties grown in high densities, this intention to register goes hand in hand with opening up the catalogue to the needs of maize varieties for the French overseas departments and territories.

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