CTPS Inter-sectional Committee for Organic Farming

11 Mar 19 Image

CTPS Inter-sectional Committee for Organic Farming

The CTPS Inter-sectional Committee for Organic Farming participated in the “2nd meeting for organic agricultural crops” organised by ITAB, Arvalis and Terres Inovia. 

This participation allowed CISAB to detail the approach it wishes to implement in order to increase the range of varieties suited to Organic Farming in the French catalogue. 

The approach includes the following steps: 

  • A variety for Organic Farming is a variety that meets the specific needs of farmers and users of organic value chains. The first step is to identify these specific needs. 
  • Once the characters have been identified, they must be evaluated. The objective of CISAB is not to systematically encourage doubling the current system with an additional organic farming system. Instead, it aims to co-build an optimal system, combining classic testing and organic farming. 
  • The decision rules will also have to be adapted. 

This approach has been shared with the different CTPS sections. 

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