12 projects selected from the 2018 CASDAR “Seeds and Plant Breeding” Call for Projects

26 Oct 18 Image

12 projects selected from the 2018 CASDAR “Seeds and Plant Breeding” Call for Projects

The aim of the CASDAR “Seeds and plant breeding” call for projects in 2018 was to invite actors in the agricultural and agri-food sectors to propose varietal solutions or robust cropping systems to reduce dependence on the use of plant protection products, whilst meeting expectations of the market and the bioeconomy. This year it funded 6 research projects on the theme of varietal resistance to pests, pathogens and abiotic stresses, and methodological support for 6 CTPS section initiatives. 

In December, the CTPS Scientific Committee and the Ministry of Agriculture will launch the “Seeds and Plant Breeding” Call for Projects for 2019. This Call for Projects will finance research projects on the role of varieties in agricultural and agri-food transition. 

More details on the 2019 CASDAR Seeds Call for Projects will be posted on the GEVES website along with the procedure for project submission.

To be informed in real time of the opening of this Call for Projects, follow us on Twitter: @GEVESGip

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