Evaluation of the effect of alternative treatments

Evaluation of the effect of alternative treatments

GEVES contributes to the agro-ecological transition by providing its seed expertise to public and private partners working on the research and development of effective solutions for the bioprotection, disinfection, biostimulation or priming of seeds and seedlings.

Alternative treatments such as biocontrol and biostimulants are one of the levers to reduce the use of chemical pesticides and synthetic inputs and their environmental impact. Seeds, first step in the food production chain, are increasingly emerging as a potential vector of alternative products. Therefore, GEVES suppports public and private R&D stakeholders by providing them its expertise and methodological know-how about seeds and seedlings.


GEVES provides its methodological expertise to support private and public stakeholders involved in the research and development of alternative solutions to synthetic chemical inputs for the protection and biostimulation of seeds and seedlings.

GEVES works alongside national or international consortia and is :

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