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6/12/2023 -

Evaluating sustainability for registration in the French Official Catalogue

In the different European countries, the VCU (Value for Cultivation and Use) studies describe the cultivation value of the variety[...]
5/12/2023 -

Revision of European regulations - assessment of varietal contributions to the sustainability of fruits and vegetables

The draft PRM (Plant Reproductive Material) regulation published by the European Commission on 5 July 2023 includes a provision for[...]
1/12/2023 -

Introduction of a new CTPS protocol to evaluate varietal resistance/tolerance to viral sugar beet yellows, in collaboration with the PNRI Yellows Resisbeet project

Until 2018, the use of neonicotinoids was the main means of fighting beet viral yellows by limiting the spread of[...]

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Variety and Seed Study and Control Group

GEVES is a public interest group, a unique official organisation in France providing expertise on new varieties and seed quality testing. It is founded from three partner organisations: INRAE, the Ministry of Agriculture, and Semae.

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