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7/07/2020 -

Plant Health Regulation: what are the implications for sending plant material to GEVES?

GEVES receives seed and seedling lots in order to carry out DUS and VCUS testing, varietal controls, seed analyses, and […]
3/07/2020 -

A new version of our online test request website: DSN

We are pleased to announce that a new version of DSN, our website for requesting tests online and participating in […]
3/07/2020 -

UPOV Working Party for Agricultural Crops (TWA): June 22-26, 2020, videoconference  

For its 49th edition, the UPOV Working Group for Agricultural Crops was originally intended to be hosted by the Canadian Office in Saskatoon. Due to the Coronavirus health crisis, the week-long meeting was held by videoconference, for which more than 100 experts were registered representing more than 30 countries and […]


Variety and Seed Study and Control Group

GEVES is a public interest group, a unique official organisation in France providing expertise on new varieties and seed quality testing. It is founded from three partner organisations: INRA, the Ministry of Agriculture, and GNIS.


  • 78000

    Seed analyses / year

  • 2300

    Variety applications studied / year

  • Image


    Varieties registered in the Official French Catalogue

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