6/01/2022 -

News from the CTPS Protein Crops Section

At its meeting on 10 November, the CTPS Protein Crops Section proposed 22 new varieties for registration in the Official […]
4/01/2022 -

NRL for Plant Health proactive for ISTA rules

The pathology laboratory has validated a new disposable container (fig. 1) which eliminates the risk of cross-contamination as well as […]
4/01/2022 -

NRL Seeds: 49 new seed quality testing methods formalised

In December 2021, the French Ministry of Agriculture officialised 49 new seed quality testing methods, bringing the total number to […]


Variety and Seed Study and Control Group

GEVES is a public interest group, a unique official organisation in France providing expertise on new varieties and seed quality testing. It is founded from three partner organisations: INRA, the Ministry of Agriculture, and GNIS.


  • 78000

    Seed analyses / year

  • 2300

    Variety applications studied / year

  • Image


    Varieties registered in the Official French Catalogue

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