GEVES leads a round table at the Seed Quality Management Seminar in Bangkok

13 Mar 20Image

GEVES leads a round table at the Seed Quality Management Seminar in Bangkok

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The first collaboration between ISTA (International Seed Testing Association) and APSA (Asia and Pacific Seed Association) received more than 95% satisfaction from attending delegates with the 2020 Seed Quality Management Seminar that APSA and ISTA organised in Thailand. This new initiative held 17-18 February in Bangkok was joined by more than 100 participants and was followed by the 2020 Seed Vigour Testing Workshop from 19-21 February.  

Seminar participants represented more than 40 organisations from: Thailand, the Philippines, Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, France, the UK and the US. They included managers, assistants and other personnel working in seed testing laboratories, Quality Assurance and supply-chain, inventory and marketing departments at private companies, government agencies and research institutes. 

The ensuing two-day agenda featured a dozen presentations and interactive round table discussions led and facilitated by seed quality experts. Among them were four members of ISTA’s Vigour Committee, who focused on technical and laboratory aspects.

Following the conclusion of the seminar, the four reps from ISTA’s Vigour Committee stayed on in Bangkok to lead the 2020 Vigour Testing Workshop for a group of 35 participants. The three-day workshop was hosted at the Seed Testing Laboratory and Certification building, which is part of the Department of Agriculture’s Seed Research & Development Division.

Workshop’s participants got practical hands-on experience for testing four common Vigour methods recommended in ISTA Rules:

  • Accelerated Ageing
  • Radicle Emergence
  • Controlled Deterioration
  • Electrical Conductivity

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