Renewal of GEVES COFRAC accreditation

8 Mar 22Image

Renewal of GEVES COFRAC accreditation

Writtern by contributeur

The COFRAC accreditation of GEVES (tests, n°1-1316 and 1-6176, list of sites and scopes available on has been renewed for 5 years as of 01/02/2022. The scope includes, for the Beaucouzé site: 4 bacterial detection methods, 1 fungal detection method, 2 virus detection methods, 2 nematode detection methods; and for the Magneraud site: 31 GMO detection methods.

At the time of the renewal, the scope of accreditation of the Beaucouzé site was extended to include tests for the detection and identification of ToBRFV (Tomato brown rugose fruit virus) according to the official ANSES/LSV/MA066 method, which replaces the in-house method and allows GEVES to continuously improve its services to the sector.

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