IP Key China: Maize DUS training

19 NovImage

IP Key China: Maize DUS training

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A Chinese delegation was welcomed at the GEVES Magneraud Unit from 16-27 September for a training course in DUS maize. This exchange is part of the IP KEY China project, which is led by the European Commission. The EUIPO is in charge of implementing the project.  Our colleagues in charge of DUS maize studies presented the protocol used by GEVES for studying new varieties submitted for registration and plant variety right applications. A large part of the training took place in the DUS maize nursery where they worked on making descriptions of freshly harvested ears and assessing the level of uniformity of candidate varieties. Training highlights included a detailed look at the processes of data synthesis, assessing distinctness of hybrid varieties, and studying hybrid parental lines. The exchange was very instructive for our Chinese counterparts as well as for us. The DUS maize team hopes to reciprocate the visit! 


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