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Why is it published? 

  • To inform third parties of new applications for protection, the granting of titles, denominations, and any other essential elements in the files.  
  • To assert your rights as soon as there is a change of owner/applicant (see focus on this point in newsletter n°3).   


When? The official gazette is published around the 15th of each month.  


What? The content of the gazette is particularly extensive. Its format complies with UPOV's recommendations for publication. The information is divided into the following sections:  

  • PVR applications: species, UPOV code, file number, date of application, proposed denomination, applicant/applicant's address, breeder/breeder's address, short description.  
  • Variety denominations: denominations proposed by the applicant for a protection application, denominations proposed by the applicant for a registration on national listing* (dedicated annex), accepted denominations (as part of protection/registration), modifications made to the proposed denominations,  
  • Withdrawals of applications: identification of the withdrawn files,   
  • Decisions: granting decisions and refusal decision  
  • Changes of the applicant or the title holder  
  • End of protection: surrender by the title holder and cancellation of rights notified by INOV,  
  • Exclusive license: various information on licenses on applications and titles  
  • Miscellaneous information (official and other)  


*The INOV’s official gazette publishes both the proposed/accepted denominations for protection files and the proposed/accepted denominations for the registration of varieties on the national listing (French Official Catalogue of Cultivated Plant Species and Varieties). 


How do I access the official gazette? 



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