A new race of Bremia lactucae (Bl: 37EU) 

2 Jul 21Image

A new race of Bremia lactucae (Bl: 37EU) 

Writtern by contributeur

On 1 June, following the epidemiological study led by IBEB (International Bremia Evaluation Board), the new race of lettuce downy mildew Bremia lactucae Bl: 37EU was identified and denominated. The isolate of the new race BI: 37EU is FR19064 (EU-D sextet code: 46-15-14), representative of a new virulence pattern observed for several years in France (where it is largely widespread), Spain, Portugal, and Italy.  

The differential host set was extended with the addition of 3 new varieties in the third sextet group in 4th, 5th and 6th position: Fenston, Bataille and RYZ20007. 

GEVES has participated in the validation of the new race Bl: 37EU and the tests for evaluation of the resistance of varieties to this race are now available. At this stage, this race is not included in tests carried out for DUS evaluation for registration and/or protection. 


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