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MATREF Network (Reference material)


1) Material of reference
2) Aim of MATREF
3) Members
4) Collection

MATREF : A national network of reference material (varieties and strains) for testing varieties for  resistance to pathogens and pests.

S. Christien, Manager of MATREF network, SEV -  V Grimault, Head of pathology laboratory, SNES

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1) MATREF = Material of Reference

A network managed by GEVES, the French regulatory institute in charge of testing varieties for registration to the National List or for Plant Breeders’ Rights.
Created by GEVES in 2002 for disease resistance tests on vegetables, performed for official variety descriptions or for external clients.
Including in 2013, 167 varieties and differentials and 75 isolates used in registration and protection tests for CPVO and described in ISF lists of differentials.

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For the other delivery services concerning the pathology laboratory of GEVES-SNES, see :

  • Resistance tests for external clients
  • Detection of pathogens


2) Aim of MATREF

Provide available and reliable reference material in order to perform disease resistance tests :

  • controls - susceptible and resistant varieties,
  • differential hosts - a set of varieties which enable identification of pathogen race,  e.g. differential set of Bremia lactucae, in  collaboration with IBEB: International Bremia Evaluation Board
  • pathogens and pests

Harmonize the reference material and its denomination (controls, differential hosts, pathogens and pests) between official laboratories and seed companies in order to optimize the consistency of results for disease resistance assessment when GEVES-SNES has to check the resistance claims of seed companies.

Share tasks and costs between the members of the network for validation, maintenance and distribution of seeds and pathogen strains.

3) Members

  • public partners: GEVES-SNES and INRA Avignon
  • Seed companies: HM-Clause, Sakata, Syngenta, Rijk Zwaan, Gautier, Monsanto (Monsanto FR and Monsanto NL), Vilmorin, Takii, GSN, ASL, ENZA.


4) MATREF provides a collection of reference material, managed by database

  • seed material
    • validated as controls in official tests, after confirmation of resistance/susceptibility behaviour
    • validated as differential hosts using reference strains.
    • tested for germination potential by GEVES-SNES or private companies
    • controlled for seed health: tests for main diseases transmitted by seeds
    • stored as active bank at 4°C and backup bank at -18°C.
  • strains
    • validated for aggressiveness and virulence on controls and differentials
    • maintained by the official laboratory (GEVES-SNES or INRA) as an active bank and stored as long term back-up in secure locations.

Distribution of seeds and strains managed byGEVES. The differential seeds and pathogen reference cultures are distributed free of charge to MATREF members. Seeds and pathogens are available, for a fee, to non-member participants. Please note : for non-members, seed quantity is restricted but not pathogen quantities. (see  fees).

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